A Child's Place in Edgewater


About Us

A Child's Place  A Child's Place was established in 2004.  we are a non-profit center with a mission of serving the community with quality affordable child care and early childhood education.  We believe that low group sizes and lower ratios then what the state requires offers the children in our care a more nurturing and caring experience. Having lower ratios also allows our teachers more time to spend teaching and developing learning plans to meet the needs of each individual child.

Visit Us! 

We would love to have you and your child come and take a tour of our facility! Walk-in tours are given between 9:30a.m -10:30am and 11:30am-2:30am Monday thru Thursday.  Tours by appointment only on Friday, no tours after 12:00.

If you would like to schedule a tour for a particular time please call us at 303-233-4851.

                      The Toddler I Room (below and bottom right)

This room is for children who are 12mos. to 2yrs and walking.  In this room children begin to transition to a schedule. It is here that the children begin to have a "formal" circle time, take only one nap per day, eat from a plate, drink from a cup (no  bottles after 30 days) sit at a table and rest on a mat. Ms Maria is our teacher in this room with a 1:4 ratio. Ms Maria has been on staff for 6 years.

                  The Toddler II Room

A very busy room where once again our low ratio of 1:4 allows the teachers to take time on an individual level for each child in care. Here enormous strides in language are made. Circle time is extended to include more books, colors, counting and short discussion of the  weekly theme. Children in this room begin to fine tune gross motor skills and begin to master some fine motor skills. It is in this room that children begin to work in self directed activities (center time) for longer periods of time moving around the room and the teachers provide individual attention for learning.  Ms Paola 4.5 years and Ms Hilda 6 years are the teachers for Tod II


             The Infant Room (left & below right)

   Our infant room is open and beautifully spacious with  plenty of room for young toddlers to learn to move around and really develop their newly acquired gross motor skills.  The infant ratio is 1:3.  Staffed with three full time teachers, two of which are infant room supervisors, there is always staff enough to pay careful attention to the needs of the children in our care.  The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and well educated in the field of infant and toddler development.  This room is always on a "on demand" schedule so the Infants and Toddlers have many chances throughout the day to decide what they would like to do and when to do it. Ms Devonne (am) is an INS, she has been on staff for 8years. Ms Maria (pm) is INS and has been on staff for 6 years. Ms. Julia is new to our staff, but her children have attended for two years.

 The Pre school/Pre-K room is another spacious, beautiful room,  This room begins at age 2.5years and continues through 6 years.  Children must me completely toilet ready to be placed in the Pre-school Pre-K. A mixed age group is particularly good for these ages as the younger may receive assistance from the older children thus creating responsible helpful older children with good self esteem and trusting younger children who are presented with positive role models not only by the teachers, but also their peers. Children in this room begin to problem solve and to recognize space boundaries with our unique social and emotional curriculum in addition to the academic curriculum. Pre-Kindergarteners are ready for Kindergarten on many levels when they leave a Child's Place. The ratio in this room is 1:7 or 1:8 dependent upon the age of the majority of children. There are three full-time teachers and one part-time teacher to assist. Ms Rosa (lead teacher) has been  at the center for 7 years, Ms Valerie for 2.5 years and Ms Dominique and Ms Tenisha are still fairly new to the program.


Part-time preschool is also available!  Please
contact Lori at A Child's Place for more details at 303-233-4851!